Providing Resources to Upskill A Community

Costa Rica education has a history of high drop out rates, limited teacher training and poor resources. Poverty is a huge factor in education, families that have parents with less than 6 years of education, tend to have lower income and their children don’t finish school. We aim to break this cycle by providing resources, training and opportunities to people in Costa Rica so they can build sustainable and prosperous lives.

The community of El Cocal face serious life challenges on a daily basis and without support are unable to break the cycle. Government funding is limited and doesn’t help our community, so we focus on empowering and supporting our community of El Cocal to tackle social and economic challenges and help implement solutions, designed by them. Solutions include infrastructure, minority inclusion, alternative income generation, education, healthy habits and conservation.

El Cocal is located close to the tourism hub of Manuel Antonio. This drives the cost of living up & has a huge impact on already marginalized communities. High levels of immigration result in huge cultural differences and high unemployment, substance abuse and general despondency. This is a hard place to live, most often especially for children. Limited funding for schools means school are only open for 1/2 days. There are very few safe spaces for both children and adults to gather, play & learn.

Education is key to breaking this cycle. Our project works to support, empower and train our local community members as well as provide critical funding to allow this community to work together and build on the infrastructure to allow the local community to grow, develop education and work to create income-driven projects to become self-sustainable. Without your donations and our support, many of these people would be homeless, unemployed and hungry. Let’s take action and change these lives

The most important part of this project is awareness and empowering our local community members to tackle the issues. With their passion, we provide the framework and support and work closely with them to tackle the issues. By providing them with the training and vital funding to build the infrastructure in the community we allow them to promote a sustainable future that includes local income generation and increased access to quality education.

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