Tackling Education Inequality in Nepal

Education in Nepal is in crisis. On average 70% of students drop out of school and for those in education the failure rate of the school leavers certificate is around 60%. This is a critical situation and it gets worse in the poorer and rural areas of Nepal where we work. Our project aim’s to enhance opportunities and learning within the smaller rural communities to help eliminate poverty long term with your help.

Education in Nepal is currently facing a number of issues from low quality, lack of access to poorer communities to unqualified and undedicated teachers. We know that education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle. This is why we are working to provide educational opportunities and resources to children in the more rural areas where we work, to help decrease drop-out rates as well as provide quality education to the children currently enrolled.

There is a 50% gap between the number of children from families above the poverty line compared to the number of children from families below the poverty line who are enrolled in school. Education in Nepal is already struggling with poor quality education due to underqualified teachers, poor/no educational resources and unsafe infrastructure, however, it is much worse for the children in poorer areas, who often live too far to even attend in the first place.

This project provides educational support in the form of resources, these include providing educational resources to enhance learning, supporting feeding programs, helping cover rental expenses and assisting with improvements to facilities. This creates positive living and learning environments, which will have a positive overall impact on the children and teachers alike. We also work on initiatives that help save costs in the long term and reduce our environmental impact.

Effective education in the early years will broaden children’s future opportunities and capabilities, minimising drop -out rates and encouraging further studies in higher education. For the adults on our projects, education develops their confidence and offers them a range of income-generating activities and opportunities. As well as improving learning facilities which will lead to healthier, safer and more positive learning environments.

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