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Virtual Gift Boxes

We’re an organisation passionate about making a sustainable difference.

Amidst the flurry of gift-giving, Action Change invites you to consider a unique and meaningful way to spread joy and make a difference.

Our virtual gift boxes are carefully curated collections of impactful projects that address critical issues facing our world. With each box, (Helping Hand) or two (Community Champion) project/-s of each of our areas of impact (Environmental Conservation, Health and Wellbeing, Education and Enterprise, Community Development) get supported equally. 

With your support, we can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most, while supporting projects with diversified focus-areas. 

Helping Hand

$ 20
  • $5 donation will be spread across each area of impact
  • Gift yourself or to a family or friend
  • Receive a thank you virtual package

Community Champion

$ 40
  • $10 donation will be spread across each area of impact
  • Gift yourself or to a family or friend
  • Receive a thank you virtual package

virtual Gift Boxes

Community Development

Feed a dog, cat or farm animal at our animal shelter in Cape Town for a week.

A storm that happened a couple of
weeks ago destroyed large parts of the animal shelters facilities and help is
urgently needed for the project to be able to keep all animals that are
currently cared for healthy and alive.

Co-fund making a families home sustainable

With your contribution, you become a crucial part of making an African families home sustainable by providing a solar system and an environmentally friendly stove.

virtual Gift Boxes

Environmental Conservation

Feed our anti-poaching dog Vulcan

Vulcan plays a major role in the security of the rhinos that we protect with Rhino Revolution. With the purchase of a gift box, you play an important role in the fight against illegal poaching and wildlife trade.

Co-adopt a seaturtle hatchling

Co-adoption is a great option for everyone! You play an essential part in a turtle’s rehabilitation by helping to care for one
of the rescued hatchlings in the Turtle Conservation Centre, so it can be released into its natural habitat healthy and happy.

virtual Gift Boxes

Health and Wellbeing

Provide safe and clean water 

Ensuring access to safe drinking water is essential for human health and overall well-being. More lives are lost to water contamination than the combined toll of Malaria, COVID-19, and AIDS. A purchase will provide a child with ten days’ worth of clean drinking water.

Feed a hungry child a meal 

One gift box provides a child with one hot meal a day for one week. Ensuring no child goes hungry and instead can focus on their education.

virtual Gift Boxes

Education and Enterprise

Sponsor a woman to start her own business in Ghana

A gift box is enables a woman to purchase enough material to make two small items to sell at the local market and gives her the opportunity to independently earn money and feed her family.

Co-sponsor a childs school uniform

Support a child’s education by co-sponsoring their handmade school uniforms. By doing so, you contribute to providing a child in need with a tailored school uniform, made by women who are living in the same disadvantaged community.