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You can stand out from the crowd by supporting something amazing

We believe the best and most successful partnerships start off small and grow together to become something amazing. Our goal as a charity is that we tackle all global issues that we become redundant but until then we need to work together to tackle global issues. 


Partnerships is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17, without partnerships and working together we will not be able to eliminate all 17 issues. We want you to get to know us and for us to get to know you and together build a partnership that benefits us all and this is why every partnership we form is unique. 


While we have a few ideas and examples we can share with you, these are not the limit so get in touch and let’s start talking! 

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Potential ways to partner

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17 Goal Challenge

Competition Time

Every quarter join the challenge to fundraise £100* per employee per month for 3 months

Every Quarter we look for groups, individuals, corporates, friends to get involved with our competition challenge. The United Nations identified 17 global issues that together we all should take responsibility in tackling to illuminate by 2030. Join us by selecting a project are task employees or friends to set a target to fundraise over 3 months. Join other groups and corporates and be entered into prize draws which includes prizes such as a site visit for 2 and becoming the official project sponsor for 6 months. This is a great engaging competition that promotes the challenges and brings employees and friends together to make a real difference over 3 months. 

*based on 15 employees

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Employee Engagement

Watch your staff retention rate rise!

Giving your staff their own foundations to really make a sustainable difference to a project or community abroad/

Donating always makes people feel great! We have a number of ways to engage employees through awareness days, impact reporting, events, donation gift cards for employees to project of the month linked with employee of the month. We want to get to know you and your business and work together to build an employee engagement plan that really helps with staff retention and gives you the employer wow factor

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Fundraising Partner

Ethical Purchasing and Sustainable Suppliers! 

Clients and customers today are aware of these global issues. Engage them with your commitment for getting involved.

A traditional partnership but still very important. Donation of Sales, Annual fundraisers, charity challenges or simple dress down Friday and donate to charity are still popular and a great way of helping projects raise vital funding to tackle issues.

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Project Sponsor

Become a gold sponsor!

Partnership is key to success but we also recongise the 

“Hearing the devastating news about Cian, reminded me how short life is and how you have to make the most of every single experience, as Cian did on his travels. I wanted to make the most of my experience in Japan by raising money for the charity that Cian supported.

We chose to undertake the night climb to ensure that we arrived at the summit just in time for that infamous sunrise. 7 hours later, a couple of bruised knees, 3 climbing poles down, a head torch broken, uncountable blisters and a fair few navigational disagreements, all in the pitch black, we finally made it. It’s true what they say; watching the sun rise up through the clouds is a sight that will stay forever.

Better than the feeling of reaching the summit, was returning to Tokyo to find out that I had also reached my GVI donations target. I could not wait to share the news with all our friends and family who had offered such amazing support.”

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Download our 17 Goals Challenge!

Our Free jam-packed presentation about what the competition is all about and how to get involved.