Fund Educational Resources in Laos

Laos education is compulsory for only 5 years meaning that most students drop out after 5 years without essential knowledge and skills to help them find skilled work with a sustainable income. Our project aims to top up the education available to the local community and this project helps us fund the classroom, teaching staff and essential resources to provide a quality education for longer than 5 years.

Laos is a country with education inequality, particularly affecting the poorer communities and young girls. Due to education in Laos only being compulsory for 5 years, the education they do receive is often poor quality and under-resourced. This project aims to tackle the education inequality in these areas by providing quality educational resources, teacher training and improved facilities to encourage children to continue their studies into higher education.

In Laos, opportunities for education are closely linked to Socio-economic status. This is exacerbated for rural students and even more so for girls. As a result, males commonly come to cities to access opportunities available at the temples and to become Novice Monks – this is not an option for females. Girls face a unique set of barriers impacting their access to education and employment. Traditions and entrenched gender roles mean many girls forgo education to stay home and support their families.

Our work includes increasing community participation in education, supporting school-based teacher training, improving classroom practices and giving children better access to school materials. Our goal is to provide quality resources to ensure that children can continue in school after the compulsory 5 years without struggling due to lack of access to quality education.

The long term impact of this project is to work towards increasing access to quality education for all students regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or religious background by providing a place to study free classes in English and other life skills workshops, as well as providing quality educational materials and resources to aid in education. This is directly contributing to SDG 4-Quality Education and SDG 10-Reduced Inequalities.

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