Uniting Communities, Tackle Global Issues

Funding and providing access to the local community for key resources to develop the local community.

With little or no government or community funding for most communities in Thailand, it becomes a challenge to tackle the poverty or expected life cycle. We have been working in the community for several years and have supported the development of community members to start projects to tackle the issues they face. Providing community health awareness, education and safe community spaces to engage the community and provide the knowledge and resources to tackle the issues as a community together.

Our communities have passionate and highly driven individuals that are ready to engage their peers and tackle global issues however with no safe community spaces, lack of education and financial support from the government these individuals do not have the break to make a difference. A kick start gift is all that is needed to empower a whole community to tackle their issues. This is not a gift of a handout but a gift to build a brighter and better future for a whole community.

By providing a new source of funding we will be able to help our partners in a multitude of new ways. Currently, we have limited budgets for resources that we use in our classes and for small items our partners may need. With funding, we will be able to help and support our partners more, both in and outside the classroom. We will have a lot more flexibility to provide better support when it is needed.

Long-term, we would like to provide materials and resources and implement programs that will be self-sustaining with each partner. As children move from grade to grade, they will be able to use the same resources. Examples of such resources include projectors, computers, sunscreen dispensers, desks and an established garden.

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