Funding a Community Learning Centre in Mexico

This project is working with children that are on the streets or are struggling with a disability. Our small groups and 1:1 support services are essential to help these children learn and reach their full potential. With your support, we aim to continue to fund a safe place for these children to learn along with the resources needed to learn.

Around 72% of locals thought to be living below the national poverty line in Mexico means that resources are limited in many communities. Working with local partners we provide support, training and critical funding to allow the community to build the infrastructure to enhance education and learning to young children. We also work with a local partner that is set up by parents of children with disabilities, working with them to provide support and education.

Many children in Mexico suffer from some form of abandonment or exploitation with little to no access to education. Many adults work long hours in the tourist industry and children left unattended to or exposed to different threats such as gang recruitment and abuse. Many children that require special support due to learning or physical disabilities are not able to attend local schools and are, therefore, stuck in a cycle of poverty with little to no access to education.

We aim to empower children by teaching them about their rights and needs through our educational and support programs. We support safe recreational and educational spaces where children can come to learn through games, talks and workshops. We also run additional children centres that help with 1:1 or smaller group interaction for children that have physical or learning disadvantages. Every gift to this project goes to changing the life of a child in Mexico.

Our goal to create responsible adults that will have a better impact in the community by providing quality educational resources and workshops as well as safe spaces for children who require additional help. Children will learn to identify threats and stay away from them, which will positively impact society and keep them from harm. Through our work, the centres can expand and offer their services to more children, with or without physical or learning disadvantages.

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