15 Years of Actioning Change!

We build collaborative partnerships with local stakeholders that share our mission and support them to tackle global issues in some of the most challenging communities in the world.


To support communities in creating brighter, better and more sustainable futures for all their citizens

Support * Impact * Empowerment

Building an International community of people united in a common goal of making an impact on global issues, raising awareness of the need for protection of our environment, and meeting the challenges presented by natural and unexpected disasters. 

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Community Development

Health & Wellbeing

Education & Enterprise

Environmental Conservation


Making a difference

We organise our projects around these 4 areas:
Community Development * Health & Wellbeing * Education & Enterprise * Environmental Conservation

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We are a non-religious, non-political UK charity working to support 27 projects in 13 different countries by delivering funding and support for projects deemed necessary by local input.


Your support makes a difference

There are so many ways that you can get involved



With over 65 projects we can offer you a unique volunteering opportunity. For more information please contact us directly. 



With over 20 different projects to fundraise for, there is something for everyone no matter where your passion lies.



We run over 50 different projects that allows you to choose where your donations are spent and in which country.

With your help

Action Change has contributed over £2 million to over 50 projects worldwide.

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News from the field

The impact of our work shows

Read some of our latest articles from the field and see how Action Change is making a big impact around the world.