Uniting Communities, Tackle Global Issues

Action Change is committed to tackling all global issues. Our vision is one day we are no longer needed because our world is fair, inclusive and thriving. But until this day we are needed and we need your donations to help us ensure we work around the clock to help eliminate all global issues

Working in close collaboration with local partners, we support sustainable projects which tackle global issues on a local scale. This helps to build resilient communities, protecting our environment for future generations. Our work is in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals, their blueprint for a better future for everyone. These goals encompass a range of global challenges, such as poverty, inequality, climate, the environment, prosperity, and peace and justice.

The challenges that we tackle are varied, but they are all connected by the unfortunate central themes of environmental degradation, mismanagement and lack of resources and support. Countries are faced with needs that far exceed the resources that they are able to expend, making it even more difficult to improve lives and build a sustainable future for all.

Action Change has built a strong global network that is utilized to ensure we can invest in vital project work across the world to empower the development of communities. Projects that will also help create ambassadors for global citizenship and provide awareness to help us impact on our environmental protection and preservation. There is much work to be done and together working on 17 global issues that are championed by the UN is the best way we can unite as an international family.

The ultimate aim is long-term sustainability – We work with our local partners to allow them to direct our work so it impacts on a local level but also contributes to our mission and the 17 Sustainable development goals. This encourages local growth, which ultimately leads to long-term sustainability. All donations to this project allow us to provide funding to all our projects and channel your donation to where the need is greater at any time throughout the year.

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