Brighter Future for Australian Indigenous Youths

Australia is known as a wealthy developed country to most but did you know that almost 4% of the population of Australia are the Indigenous communities. Research shows that these communities struggle in the developing County and often young people end up involved with crime and in the justice system as they are not provided with as many opportunities. Working with these communities we focus on providing support and opportunities to the youths to help keep them out of trouble.

Several projects are trying to tackle the social gap among the Indigenous people in Australia. This project is focused on young people preferably young females looking to access a training program, educational event, or admission to the education system as well as improving the community to engage and inspire youths to break the traditional life cycle. The objective is to enhance their skills to become ambassadors for change within their community and Australia.

Statistics show that an Indigenous person’s life expectancy in Australia is 71.4 years compared to 81.4 years for others. Even with Government initiatives such as Closing the Gap, a big gap still exists between indigenous Australians and the rest of the population. Youth is a critical stage at which life-changing decisions regarding one’s career and expected employment opportunities are made. Youths from our community have limited future opportunities in their reach and our goal is to expand their horizons

We have already met with the local community board and identified new initiatives for the youths. We have already approved (donations permitting) to install a community garden for youths, create seating and safe pathways including shading and lighting in seating areas, to engage the youth and provide access to clean water for safe drinking and hand washing. In addition to creating a safe community space for youths, we also will identify and provide training and scholarships to aspiring youths

Funding is the biggest driver for this program, it is important to use it sustainably. This can be done by providing scholarships for the indigenous youth who will learn new skills and access an education. In return, they can transfer the knowledge to others in their communities. This project needs to identify key motivated ambassadors and empower them to learn and return to teach others. By doing so, we will succeed in up-skilling the whole community as well as provide a safe community space.

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