Emergency Rescue: Saving Endangered Turtles

Many people see a turtle washed up on the beach and to try and help look to return it to the Ocean. This is the wrong thing to do, our emergency rescue team are dispatched regularly to collect washed up turtles and if they are on the beach then they are sick and need help. This project helps fund the rescue of turtles as well as the many months or even years sometimes of rehabilitation and medical support needed to return the turtle home. This team and medical costs are 100% funded by donations

Our project rescues, rehabilitates and releases stranded and distressed sea turtles as part of our conservation mission. With the support of organisations and volunteers along the Western Cape’s coast, hundreds of sea turtles have been saved, reared to full strength and released back into the wild. Loggerhead and leatherback turtles nest on the coast and are common patients of our clinic, we regularly rehabilitate stranded green, olive ridley and hawksbill sea turtles that wash up on our shores.

With a polluted ocean, the increase in turtles that need rescuing and access to rehabilitation is constantly increasing. Our team provide the outreach and awareness within the community to ensure people know not to put a Turtle in the Ocean if washed up as they will not survive. Instead, we fund a local emergency team to rescue these beautiful animals that often find themselves tied up in a fishing line or eaten plastic and struggling to survive.

Our team of experts are on hand to rescue turtles that wash up in need on the African coast. This is often a majority of loggerheads and leatherbacks but our clinic has welcomed stranded green, olive ridley and hawksbill sea turtles that have washed up and in need on the African coast. After rehabilitation our clinic’s mission is to reintroduce the turtles back into the ocean

This project is rescuing and rehabilitating turtles to prevent them from dying due to pollution in the ocean. The long term goal is to ensure these turtles to not become endangered. Check out our latest release in partnership with the Coast Guard Rescue and Local Aquarium. Yoshi was released and we tracked him all the way back to Australia and more recently we released Yoshi. Check out our resources to see their story.

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