Save & Rescue an Asian Elephant Today

Non-ethical tourism has made the slave elephant trade boom across Asia this along with Human Conflict with Elephants is a huge issue in Asia. Our team works closely with communities and projects that help create a sustainable solution to protecting these animals and giving them a new life

A gift to this project will go towards giving an Elephant in Asia a better life today. We are working with a number of carefully selected local communities to fight the illegal act of forcing an elephant to work in the tourism trade as well as working to conserve the elephants that are still in the wild by monitoring and funding areas where they are protected. Many Elephants are forced to work in cities by owners to bring in an income and this project aims to change this to a new strategy to promote ethical and responsible tourism in Asia.

Street begging and working in tourist camps significantly reduces the life expectancy of these endangered species. It diminishes their high cultural importance and places them in inhumane living conditions. Other threats include habitat loss and fragmentation with many elephants still in the wild being forced out of protected areas We cannot just put elephants into protected areas, therefore need new strategies and research to help these elephants remain safe and continue to populate

Our project works across Asia and actively rescues Elephants and rehabilitates them in a protected forest, whilst providing protection and monitoring to ensure they remain safe. We are working with conservationists and local community members to research alternative strategies for elephant conservation, this way our work can be sustainable as the greater community gets involved and becomes educated on the topic.

With more than 70% of the elephant population, in Thailand alone, being found outside of protected areas our goal is to provide safe and monitored habitats for these elephants to thrive. By doing this we hope to increase the population as well as rescue and rehabilitate the ones that are in critical and inhumane living conditions. These creatures have high cultural importance, therefore we hope by creating awareness we can encourage sustainable tourism that respects the animals.

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