Climate Crisis: Tackling our Carbon Footprint

FACT: Global temperatures are rising and while you might like the heat this is a huge issue for everyone on earth and not one of us is immune. At the current rate, we are killing off species and essential resources that we need to survive. Human activity is producing greenhouse gas emissions at a record high, with no signs of slowing down. This really is our last chance to save ourselves. As we run international projects globally and engage communities our aim is to spend a little more educating and making these projects carbon-friendly or even neutral where possible. A gift to this project allows us to enhance our crucial work globally by protecting our planet.

The Climate Crisis is a hot topic across the globe at the moment and that is because this really is our last chance to act now otherwise the future of our planet is not going to be the same ever again. As a charity, we work on over 75 projects across global communities and this project is to install education, awareness, systems and resources to ensure every project no matter the focus is also carbon responsible.

The concentration of carbon emissions produced by humans has doubled over the last 60 years, yet we continue to take a business-as-usual approach, in turn killing our people, wildlife, and habitat. Many of our projects around the world focus on immediate issues such as hunger, education and poverty and often projects seek the cheapest solutions such as open fires and cheap materials as they are uneducated in the issues of carbon emissions.

We work closely with influential community members worldwide to provide the resources and education geared towards an eco-friendly way of operating and living. When projects such as feeding programs are supported we educate and provide safer and more carbon-neutral cooking stoves, community centres will be converted to renewable energy and for books we purchase for our schools, we will plant more trees.

Our long-term impact is to transition communities and businesses to become carbon-friendly and create a safe and protected future for our children. We will restore damaged ecosystems, and rainforests while renewing water supplies to combat climate change. Minimising the carbon outputs of businesses and helping them eco-friendly choices will greatly benefit their social responsibility, making them more appealing to the public. Together we can slow the negative impact down and help our planet to re-grow for our children’s future.

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