Reforestation: Bringing the Trees Back to Life

If only we could bring a tree back from the dead… Every minute the size of 50 football pitches is lost to deforestation yet we rely on these trees to protect our wildlife, for medical research and to ensure we can breathe. Currently, we estimate 10 million hectares per year are being destroyed and this is why this project is vital, we are planting tree’s as quick as we can fundraise because if we don’t do this today our future will be very different

Deforestation is a global issue that is having increasingly larger effects on the world every day. It contributes 10% to climate change and global warming, which is why a large number of our efforts are going towards preserving large forest areas as well as reforesting the areas that have been affected to try a minimise the effects. By doing this we can combat land degradation, minimise natural disasters and preserve critical natural habitats.

Due to the fast pace that deforestation is occurring all over the world, it seems like an intense issue to combat, especially since the lack of education around this topic makes t difficult for some to understand the urgency of this issue. Between 2015 and 2020, we lost around 10 million hectares of land every year, most of this for agricultural use. However overwhelming this may seem, the efforts of communities around the world have made a huge difference in combatting deforestation through the preservation of important areas and reforesting degraded areas.

This project aims to combat the effects of deforestation in locations around the world by replanting trees in degraded areas, making sure land is being efficiently used, preserving at-risk forest areas as well as educating the community on the effects of climate change and the role deforestation has to play. We will also implement nurseries in severely degraded areas, this will allow plants to flourish and become strong enough until they are ready to be transported and replanted in these areas so that they will survive and be effective in reforesting the area.

The long-term impact of this project has major benefits by contributing to the reduction of soil erosion, impacts on native species and degradation of habitats, as well as making a significant contribution to combatting climate change. Our earth forests also act as a natural filter for the air and surrounding water sources which helps to stop air pollution and keep water sources safe for drinking By taking Action Now to Change the Future we can save our Earth!

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