Protecting Cats and Dogs in Nepal

The cruel living situations of the stray animals in Nepal is truly a horrifying sight, and with no government assistance, the poorer communities are suffering from a number of issues caused by the high stray population numbers. These animals contract and spread disease, affecting health and wellbeing in the area and the lack of funding means most animals are not neutered or spayed meaning they reproduce freely. Our project aims to combat these issues and educate the community in the process

A gift to this project is a life-changing gift for a cat or dog currently on the streets of Nepal. Any animal lover would be horrified at the harshness of the lives of street animals in Nepal. The goal of the project is to assist our local partners in continuing its animal welfare programmes. This project aims to end the culling of street animals and give thousands of cats and dogs happier and healthier lives within their communities.

The situation for strays in Nepal is truly horrifying and would be enough to upset anyone. Not only are these animals suffering from disease and the local authority poisoning campaigns but they also have no veterinary help and have to scavenge for food and water. Government institutions in Nepal give no assistance to animal welfare and there are no other animal welfare charities working in our partner areas, so our project is the only opportunity for help for these dogs and cats.

By neutering, vaccinating and treating street animals we produce a healthy dog and cat population that locals can respect and care for properly. By working with local authorities repeating core programmes that tackle this issue through spading, protecting and providing emergency care for stray animals, we will enable the continuation of programmes that have helped thousands of animals. With your support, we aim to roll this project out to wider communities and villages

Our partners will benefit thousands of more dogs over its next year of operation. The local communities will be protected from rabies and from other zoonotic diseases. Attitudes to animals will continue to evolve and their treatment will improve. Visitors will enjoy its beautiful location and charming facilities without being haunted by scared, diseased and unhappy animals roaming its streets, together we can improve a community and benefit the lives of thousands of vulnerable animals

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