Save Our Sharks and The Ocean before it’s too late

African reefs and fish species are under threat due to coral bleaching, over-fishing, pollution and rising ocean temperatures. The fragile reefs act both as a protective barrier for coastlines and an attraction for the tourists who keep the country’s economy going, which is why it is so important that we work to restore and preserve these areas so that they may continue to survive for many years to come.

Africa have lost up to 90% of their coral cover due to coral bleaching, a gift to this project allows us to continue to run multiple initiatives with our local community members and partners to help preserve, protect some of the most threatened reefs in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles Ocean is the home of many endangered marine species and recently the increase of plastic is becoming life-threatening for their survival and we aim to tackle this today.

Climate change and human activities are the biggest threat to our reefs, as the coral is the first thing affected by rising ocean temperatures, as well as plastic has become an increasing concern and a serious threat to life in the ocean. The local government has already lead the way with banning all single-use plastics but plastic washes up from around the world and we need to help build awareness and fund the resources for researching and monitoring.

Our project works on multiple local initiatives to tackle the issues, working with local government and top conservation influencers we aim to fund the training and equipment for locals to train as researchers and monitors under the ocean. All our research is verified and influences policy through partnerships. Our team are also committed to building awareness and providing education on the critical condition of the reefs through outreach and beach clean up events weekly.

This project would enable local individuals to fully participate in Marine Conservation and find an employer, helping them with their monitoring program. It would create fully qualified SCUBA divers that know underwater survey methods and can start work with local bodies and start surveying reefs. We aim to prevent plastic pollution through beach cleans as well as protect the very sensitive and vital reefs through data collection and monitoring.

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