Providing Access to Education For All in India

Although the Indian parliament passed the education act making education free and compulsory in India many children are still dropping out and failing. Our aim is to tackle the issue and break down barriers to ensure a quality basic education is available to everyone and more importantly, they are given the support to be able to attend

With 35% of the country still illiterate, the state of education in India is not where it should be for a number of reasons. We work with a number of local partner organisations- schools, a relief settlement and vocational schools, our aim is to empower individuals, especially students to create a new future for themselves by increasing access to quality education through scholarships and support. By working towards SDG4 – we hope to increase the quality of manpower in India and boost the economy

The education in India is suffering for a number of reasons namely; Lack of funding, local slums are home to families that live on less than $1.50/day and can’t send their children to school; high drop-out rates, poor primary school education and expensive tertiary education. The few people who do finish and become skilled often leave the country for better employment essentially worsening the economy of India. With 35% of the population illiterate the need for intervention is highlighted.

We aim to provide quality education and English tuition to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it by funding scholarships for children to attend schooling or higher education as well as providing them support whilst they are there. Our mission is to empower the members of the community to create their own future through increased access to employment opportunities as well as motivate the children who are in school to continue further.

Through constant communication with our local partners and beneficiaries, we will be able to access our impact and pinpoint needs. In the long-term, we aim to increase the number of children from the poorer areas who have access to quality education, lower drop-out rates and increase literacy in the areas. Our mission is to utilise funds to benefit these children’s lives through scholarships and resources, this will increase employment opportunities and eventually allow them to contribute positively to India’s economy.

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