Global Disaster Relief Fund

Over 400 natural disasters occur every year, and as we know we cannot prepare for every single one, we want to try our best to be able to help when called upon. Many of these disasters are not seen on the news or broadcast across the world and this means that many people are unaware of whats going on and even fewer people are able to get involved and help. Our goal is to have a relief fund where we can assist communities in need so that they can rebuild and begin their lives again without too much disruption

Natural disasters are unpredictable and devastate millions of people, habitats and species every year and can range from cyclones and tornadoes to flooding and wildfires. Thye can affect all parts of the world and people from all walks of life, however, not every person and community is in the position or have the resources to rebuild their lives after the disaster. This is where we aim to step in by creating this fund we hope to provide the opportunity to assist communities around the world who are affected and need help!

With about 1 natural disaster occurring every day per year, the need for assistance is immense! Not all governments have the funding and resources to rebuild after disasters and often there are areas that are hit more than once a year. Unfortunately, this leaves communities to suffer and struggle to rebuild whilst trying to make money at the same time. Our goal with this fund is to provide emergency relief so we can minimise the effects and long-term impact.

Our goal is to create a project that can be used to assist in rebuilding after the frequent natural disasters that occur yearly and worldwide. A lot of people, communities and governments lack the funding and resources to rebuild and restart their lives after the effects of the disaster, whatever it may be. We will assist communities to rebuild homes and service centres as well as fund emergency teams to help communities. This will allow people to continue working and earning an income whilst rebuild commences.

The long-term impact of this project will be to allow economies to restart and minimise the effects that countries, individuals and infrastructure face if they were to receive no help. By doing this we will allow people to continue earning an income whilst their homes are rebuilt and assist in providing emergency relief in whatever form necessary to communities, this may include food parcels, rebuild materials, clothing and much more.

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