Providing Access to Early Childhood Centres in Zimbabwe

With education at such a basic level, it is important for us to start providing the support and resources to develop children from an early age. We know a child’s’ brain in the early years is far more open to learning, exploring and understanding the world and therefore Early Childhood Development Programs are potentially the future for fighting all global issues.

Early Childhood Development is a fundamental part of the success of all children and especially children living in difficult situations this can give them an opportunity to have a better start in life. Working with local partners in Zimbabwe we hope to improve the ECD learning by providing resources, teacher training and even assisting in developing schools in areas where children don’t otherwise have access.

With many Zimbabweans living in poverty and without funding for schooling, the education system is struggling, teachers are underqualified and the drop-out rates are high as children leave school to work. ECD is even less of a priority in communities as people are unaware of the important role it plays in a child’s development and only recently has the government put emphasis on schools including it in their curriculum, but with no funding, this is almost impossible

Working with local partners our goal is to improve the quality of education teachers can offer through teacher training and workshops, as well as equipping the school with the necessary resources to be able to provide quality ECD education to their children. We are hoping to assist with is to provide resources to the children who live at the women’s prison with their mothers, by equipping the preschool we hope to provide these children with opportunities so that they do not miss out on quality education

In the long run, we hope to improve ECD education in Zimbabwe by training teachers so that they are fully aware of the importance of ECD, provide necessary resources as well as assist in funding local preschools that children from all areas can access. No child should miss out on education in such an important part of their lives and we hope that this project will provide these children with the tools to continue studying further or to be successful in their lives and brought out of their socio-economic situation

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