Protect and Save the life of Our Rhinos

The Rhino is currently classed as ‘Near Threatened’ which means it is close to becoming extinct due to an increase of poaching for the illegal trade of their horns. Poaching has increased by 9,000% since 2007 and this project aims to protect and save our Rhino’s that are living in South Africa.

A Gift to this project will save the life of at least one Rhino. Since 2007 a dramatic rise in demand on Rhino horns came from Asia. A believe these are a cure the illegal trade found a boom of a high value product. With such a high value poachers will stop at nothing to get a horn. Poachers have even invested in helicopters to poach. We have to act fast but we also in order to protect the Rhino’s ensure the strictest confidentiality in our operations. This project is funding our anti-poaching efforts in South Africa

Rhino poaching is a devastating problem across both the public and private sectors. Everyday at least three rhinos are poached in South Africa predominately due to lack of resources and intelligence. We are fighting a war with criminal masterminds who are forever two steps ahead of the protectors on the ground. The financial incentive to rhino poachers combined with very high unemployment figures in rural communities, mean that poachers will force entry into these reserves to get a shot at a rhino, often at high risk to themselves. Many reserves are also partly funded by eco-tourism, so viewing these animals is critical to the success of these lodges who employ local staff, targeting unemployment figures and preventing poaching.

It’s simple we need to invest in our army to protect our beautiful Rhinos. With your donations we are able to fun emergency response quad bikes, vehicles and equipment to protocol and protect the reserves. We also work with the local community members and conservationists to trial leading confidential initiatives that will protect them longer term

The success of this project will significantly improve the security of the wildlife protected by this game reserve, deter illegal rhino poachers and enable a fast and effective reaction when any illegal activity on the reserve is reported. Protection of the rhino and other wildlife will ensure the sustainability of eco-tourism ventures on the reserve and thus survival of the reserve itself. Lodges on this reserve employ hundreds of people from surrounding communities, jobs that will be lost if these businesses are not able to secure their key assets – their wildlife.

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