Help Rebuild the Gulf of Mexico Barrier Reef

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is in critical condition. Due to global warming and tourism, it has become a fighting battle to try and save the 700-mile reef. This really is our last chance to save it. Our project is working with some of the best local conservationists in a number of projects to help restore and rebuild the reef while collecting primary data and producing essential scientific papers to help protect this area through the local and national government.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System is the second-largest barrier reef in the world and it has great biodiversity. Coral reefs are very delicate environments that are currently becoming increasingly threatened all over the world due to Coastal developments, pollution & hurricanes. The federal government is undertaking an ambitious coral reef aquaculture program to restore the reef ecosystem, which, done alongside the preservation work conducted by local NGOs will be vital to the reefs sustainability as well as marine life it supports.

The Yucatan peninsula has a rich biodiversity that is threatened by the expanding development of the tourist industry. In Quintana Roo in only 35 years, the population grew 1220%! Development in most of the areas surrounding the reefs are having negative effects on the ecosystems and freshwater supplies, this is due to the lack of updated data regarding the marine ecosystems that can be integrated into the management plans. This negatively impacts the health of the reef as there are more coral diseases, bleaching & erosion and many species are threatened.

There are several NGO’s and government institutions working on different projects along the Yucatan peninsula focusing on integrative management strategies and to influence environmental regulation. The different programs go from creating no-fishing zones in the whole state, to develop integrative coral reef stress response, monitoring the reefs, coral restoration and creating policies that will help the marine environment. This project aims to assist with these programs by conducting research and gathering data around these areas as well as helping to rebuild and restore these incredible reefs.

Working with local partners, together we intend to identify, protect and preserve areas with high biodiversity, as well as those ones that are essential to maintain the ecological processes of the species. Restore areas of the reef that have been negatively impacted by placing coral nurseries and monitoring their evolution. We will also be developing management plans for the region, to work on capacity building and environmental education with the locals to ensure the protection and survival of these ecosystems for years to come.

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