Saving our Jaguars and Turtles in the Rainforest

Jaguars eat the turtles but both are in serious trouble and need our protection. Our project helps influence local government and key stakeholders to help protect the rainforest through our regular monitoring and research of these beautiful animals.

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Tortuguero National Park (TNP) in Costa Rica is a prime turtle nesting area and a critical jaguar habitat. With both of these amazing species endangered and in rapid decline it is our duty to build on protecting and strengthening their habit for survival. Our project is committed to ensuring we provide the awareness and protection to these animals and that includes funding critical research equipment and responding to emergency protection of these animals.

Jaguars and turtles are both threatened species for different reasons. Jaguars have been pushed into smaller areas due to human development. Turtles are poached for their meat and shells and suffer due to human interference. In TNP, these two species come together and we find jaguars preying on nesting turtles. We need to use research to create awareness locally and internationally and asses the impact on species and habitats through funding research and assisting anti-poaching patrols.

After 10 years of research, we better understand the critical nature of the TNP habitat to turtles, jaguars and other species listed as endangered or critically vulnerable in the red list of IUCN. There is still much we don’t understand about jaguar/ turtle dynamics, so research is also critical to be able to better protect them. Using this research we can better educate the local community and engage them to support action to preserve these Species which will also generate income for the locals.

Through research and education, we can help promote these amazing animals to the locals and help them take ownership in ensuring they are protected. This will not only impact our environment but will also create local income through regular tourism to visit these animals, whilst being sustainable in the sense that the tourism industry does not negatively affect the environment or the species

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