Developing African Communities in Partnership with In2Africa

This project has been created in partnership with In2Africa distribution that have committed as part of their CSR to focus on helping break down the financial barriers for smaller community lead projects across Africa that are tackling the United Nations SDG’s. With Action Change we aim to help eliminate all 17 global issues across Africa by 2030.

This project works with action change to provide the resources, support and training to allow local projects to tackle global issues within their local communities. Providing the support, mentoring, tools and financial assistance we aim to help break the poverty cycle through developing the local communities across Africa.

Many communities are stuck in the poverty cycle across Africa and very little to no opportunities are available to these communities to re-train or develop to break the cycle. With a lack of education, resources and internal pressure the majority of the poorer communities around Africa are not able to access quality education that would lead to better employment and knowledge to tackle the issues.

Working in partnership we aim to raise the funds and provide the support network to a number of communities across Africa to help tackle this cycle. Through the financial support and dedication of the in2africa team alongside our qualified and experienced charitable team at action change we will help empower and support the local communities take action themselves against the issues they face.

Providing education and training will help the community grow and access higher education and employment opportunities which will increase the revenue within the community and begin to tackle poverty which is interlinked with all other 16 goals.

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