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Our project believes that no child should miss out on an education. The aim of this project is to tackle the unfortunate statistic that 1 in 4 children in Costa Rica lives below the poverty line, and this means that these children often don’t have access to clean water and sanitation, quality healthcare and education. We aim to break the cycle of poverty by providing access to quality education, we hope to encourage children to stay in school and provide them with a safe space to learn so they have better future prospects.

Education is a key player in tackling poverty and boosting the socio-economic standing of people in society, however, many children don’t have access to quality education either due to a lack of funding or the fact that they start work young to try and earn an income for their families. Our goal with this project is to empower children to stay in school by providing a safe space and quality learning materials to boost their education and increase opportunities later in life.

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa are some of the fastest-growing areas for tourism in Costa Rica. This creates a massive need for bilingual and sustainable education. The towns are growing fast and the population is swelling beyond the capacity of local schools. There is a major need for quality schooling that children in all areas can access which is why the need for this project is so great. We aim to equip schools with quality learning materials to boost their impact and reach more children.

Donations and gifts to this project will assist and directly fund local students and equipment for our early childhood development centre and local community schools. Quality educational resources will mean that children from all areas and income brackets will have access to quality education and hopefully be excited to continue learning and stay in school. The solution is to break the poverty cycle with education. Which will offer students opportunities and access to higher education and employment in the future.

This is a long term project with high impact as we will improve the economic and social situation of the local community through increased levels of education and access to the tourist trade. We have the longer-term aim of the community assisting the program without the need for outside donations as this promotes sustainability whilst empowering the locals to take control of their children’s education.

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