The Gift of Education: Help Fund Schools in Ghana

Although there have been major improvements around the issue of gender inequality globally, this is often not the case for countries in Africa, mainly due to traditional views or pervasive poverty. Our community in Ghana is based is a rural fishing town where employment is very limited, therefore, we aim to provide new skills training that will help empower women to access other work opportunities.

A gift to this project is an incredible first step for many women in Ghana, a country with pervasive gender inequality. Our project provides sustainable skills training programs to local women in cooking, sewing and computer skills. Providing a 12-week cycle they join a 6-week program followed by becoming a mentor to a new student for the final 6 weeks. At the end of the 12 weeks, our team build career paths and opportunities for the women. Including small start-up loans from $50.

Imagine being born in a community where you are expected as a woman to drop out of education at a young age, look to start a family and learn to run a house. This is a big problem in Ghana, where a woman is 50% less likely to own land compared to men. These women have the potential to help break the poverty cycle by becoming business owners and earning an income. Unfortunately, as these women leave education early they do not have access to these opportunities

This project is all about sustainability and therefore anyone that we support must follow up by transferring their newly learnt skills to others in the community. This means lower funding for teaching staff and the sustainability of the project within the local community. We will sign women up from communities we work on a 12-week course and the course is split into 2 sections 6-week learning and 6 weeks teaching the next group. After 12 weeks we provide loans and support to set up their business.

Providing a mass skillshare program and startup loans and support to women this project is tackling the poverty cycle as well as gender inequality in the community as more women become successful in business. Job creation also has a huge long-term impact, as these businesses grow there are more opportunities to employ other women in the community, together we can develop communities and empower women

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