Emergency Appeal: Save Our Charity

To help us maintain our charity through pandemics and other emergencies, helping us continue to run the office, our team and other areas like accounting.

Like everyone we didn’t see COVID-19 coming. As a charity we have spent the first five months of this pandemic focused on emergency relief for all our projects around the world. Now we are for the first time ever faced with the challenge that our ongoing costs are higher than we can afford. It costs us $5,000 a month to run our office, team, accounting and for the first time ever we need your help.

We have been working in over 15 counties for the past 15 years and have a great track record of impact and creating locally run sustainable projects that tackle global issues. Our communities and conservation projects are relying on us through this challenging time. However with COVID-19 our income has dropped by 70% and now we have a fight to save our charity to continue our work.

We have a strong network and the future is bright if we can pull together through this challenging time and help us fundraise to keep the light on for another 15 years! Every donation will allow us to survive another day and hopefully together we can ride the pandemic to come out the other side.

We have supported over 100 projects in the past 15 years and we are excited to improve our impact and develop even more great work over the next 15 years and if we can save our charity through this challenging time then we know from our track record we will create huge long term impact for multiple projects across the world

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All donations and gift aid (if applicable) will go to the project you have chosen. We thank you for your support