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Save Abused and Vulnerable Children from Zimbabwe

With so many children dealing with trauma at a young age, there is a dire need for special education programs that support children from vulnerable backgrounds to learn. Our program funds a private school, providing education to up to 100 children from vulnerable backgrounds. Through small classes and different teaching techniques, we engage the children and help them get on track to take the secondary school entrance exams. Join us in making a difference by supporting our efforts to provide education to these children.

In Zimbabwe, child protection continues to be a major concern, with around 50% of child births going unregistered, making it difficult for the state to track and protect them. Shockingly, two in three children in Zimbabwe experience violence or abuse as a child. The UN reports that one in three girls under 18 experience sexual violence, leading to teen pregnancy and early marriage.

With child abuse being a prevalent issue in Zimbabwe, it’s disheartening to know that local schools are over-subscribed and unable to provide the necessary support to these young victims. Shockingly, a majority of these children don’t even have access to education due to lack of birth registration. This creates a vicious cycle of poverty and lack of education, making it difficult for them to fight against the odds. Traditionally there is no support across the whole of Zimbabwe that works with children that are vulnerable, these children fall through the cracks and are left to defend for themselves.

This project is the first in Zimbabwe, a private school that is being funded through charitable donations recruits children from extreme vulnerable backgrounds.

The school’s team works closely with each child, supporting and training them to prepare for their government exams to move into secondary school. From pre-school to grade 7, the school offers not only education but also a range of activities like swimming lessons and horse riding to help children feel part of a safe family. This project is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and is helping vulnerable children deal with their trauma and return to education and hopefully go onto secondary education and further to become skilled and ready to tackle the poverty cycle.

Our project is focused on providing children that have had a difficult start in life a quality education, our project works on a small class group that helps children get the therapy and support they need to get their life back on track while getting a good quality education to allow them to fight the break in poverty cycle they traditionally have been stuck in

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