Funding School Libraries To Improve Child Literacy

Buy A Book: Help A Child Read!

To support literacy learning from the perspective of lifelong learning, it is necessary to enhance and modify current learning environments.
We need to promote the literacy agenda and create a more literate and sustainable society by reminding the public of the significance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.
Beyond the functionality level, literacy plays a vital role in transforming young people into socially engaged citizens.

8th September is International Day of Literacy which helps us showcase the importance of reading. Currently our school has a small library with 85 books and we have 120 children so we urgently need to drive a fundraiser to purchase more books. As well as reading books each year we have to purchase 25 copies of new text books for each subject and this is funded by donations only so we need your support!

We want to push our children to read to help them improve their education. With a gift to this project we will fund reading books and text books for the school so we can improve the education these children will get.

Every donation will fund a book, the more books and resources will help educate the community to fight poverty.

At the root of education, we hope to improve students level of English but also their confidence and self-esteem. Enabling students to successfully graduate from High School which will cause a ripple effect in the community. Access to quality education helps create greater job opportunities which in turn has a positive impact on employment rates and general health and living standards. By assisting, we hope to increase young people’s prospects of a brighter future and a sustainable community.

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