WAR CRISIS: Help Protect Victims of Ukraine

Each year we see the number of natural disasters that hit our communities increasing. We also recognise the increase in severity in these disasters.

Hours and days after a disaster are the most vital and therefore the aim of this project is to prepare early so we are ready to respond and save lives.

As the number and severity of disasters continues to increase it is clear that we must urgently scale up our capacity to quickly respond. Therefore we need to plan for early fundraising so we have a significant investment at the ready to help implement life saving requirements when the next disaster hits. We have a duty to be prepared and ready with emergency management so we can protect our communities and therefore a gift to this project might not be used tomorrow but when it’s need it will have a huge life saving impact.

Everyone has experienced with COVID the way a disaster that was not expected can leave us all in a situation that we are not equipped to deal with. The majority of our projects are in rural locations that often get overlooked or fall through the cracks of limited government funding so it is down to people like us to help provide the support and emergency resources when a disaster strikes.

While we are fast to respond to emergency needs after a disaster it is often too late once the funds have been donated to arrive at the critical response centre. This project is us pre-planning for the future to ensure we can respond quicker and efficiently to ensure more lives are saved in the immediate hours and days post a natural disaster. Over the past 15 years we have responded to 12 disasters that includes earthquakes, floods and typhoons.

Most are aware of the immediate needs to tend to after a disaster however, long term recovery is essential to building a sustainable community. We hope to efficiently provide support to Zimbabwe by working with local organisations on the ground to create long term and sustainable recovery to the community as they rebuild from this disaster.

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