Tackling Homelessness in South Africa

Our project assists people and communities with skills to overcome homelessness through rehabilitation and training. The aim of this project is to ensure nobody is homeless as part of the United Nations SDGs by 2030.

This project addresses the immediate issue of homelessness in Cape Town while being a sustainable project tackling the social issues that lead people to homelessness like poverty, inequality, quality education, and decent work. Our phased program has a track record of over 80% of homeless graduates remain sober and employed.

Published figures show that over 14,000 people sleep rough on the streets of Cape Town, we know this number is much likely to be much higher and since COVID-19 resources show a huge spike in homelessness. To be sustainable we need to shift beyond short term solutions and support people on a pathway out of homelessness.

A phased program that starts from Step 1 providing basic needs and change-readiness, moving to step 2 that is our drug and alcohol rehabilitation stage and then finally moving to step 3 that is skills and employment training for residence.

Graduates from the programme leave the programme by looking for and securing an independent job.

Homelessness impacts both the individual and the community. By turning someone’s life around, you are able to assist their children, their family and friends, and the extended community being impacted by homelessness. We all thrive when people are given opportunities and skills to overcome homelessness and we already have seen great results that include graduates like Max, who went on to complete his LLB and today is completing his articles in a law firm…

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