Rehab and Support for Homeless People

The homeless situation in South Africa has been a huge issue for many years and since COVID-19 the number of people finding themselves homeless has become unprecedented. A Gift to this project will help fund our new homeless shelter and rehabilitation centre in Cape Town. Our team will provide daily meals and recruit homeless people that are looking to kick their drug habit and retrain for employment.

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For every £1 you donate, 85p goes directly to our projects and the other 15p helps us carry on our work.

Homelessness is an issue affecting a large portion of South Africa particularly due to the high unemployment rates, significant housing shortages and urbanization. These problems have been further amplified by COVID, leaving an increasing number of people without an income or shelter. Our goal is to provide a safe space for people to go to rebuild their lives and find their feet so that they may become independent, earn an income and live a healthy life.

South Africa is a country with incredibly high inequality and poverty rates, which pre-COVID was already affecting millions of people. The unemployment in South Africa is at an all-time high and because of the inequality in education, many people are finding themselves without an income and no way to pay for their homes. Another big issue that is linked to homelessness in SA is drug-use as people will often turn to drugs as a way to escape, further impacting their ability to find work and live a healthy life.

A gift to this project will help us build a new shelter and rehabilitation centre in Cape Town. By providing this space we aim to tackle homelessness in SA through the rehabilitation and retraining of people who have found themselves in this difficult situation, as well as provide them with a safe shelter and daily meals so that they can kickstart their lives. Empowering people to take control of their lives is the most sustainable and effective way to tackle this issue affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

Empowering and rehabilitating these individuals will provide them with the life skills and independence required to lead a healthy life and actively contribute to society. Our aim is to also provide training to people to give them access to job opportunities and earn an income. This will ultimately result in more people contributing positively to our society and economy, reduce drug-related issues and provide individuals with the skills to hopefully impact others around them.

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