Help Us Feed Hungry Children Around The World

We aim to fight poverty using education however children can not learn without the nutrients they need. Therefore this project providing almost 2,000 school meals each day is essential to our long term goal. Help us feed the children so they can learn to their full potential

This project main priority is to provide a healthy meal to all our children that costs around $3,000 a day to feed almost 2,000 children. Any additional funds we raise we build veggie gardens, aquaponic systems in water deprived communities and fund chicken farms to we can take the food bill down to zero and feed our children in a sustainable way. We have already completed this project in 2 schools and successfully feeding 300 children for a smaller cost.

South Africa has been facing a water crisis for many years and the effects of this have been amplified due to high demand for water and climate change. Unfortunately, because of poor infrastructure and many people living in informal/ rural settlements, water distribution is also incredibly unequal which further adds to inequality and is harmful to people who rely on agriculture for an income and to provide for their communities.

Innovative agricultural solutions use integrated organic farming systems that combine vermiculture, aquaponics and small livestock to provide higher yield with fewer resources. The system only needs 10% of the water normally used for gardening, making it possible to farm even during extreme drought. By developing this system at schools, teachers get the opportunity to use it as practical teaching material, feed their students or sell the crop produced to generate income and be self-sufficient.

By providing schools and institutions with solutions which provides a high yield of produce regardless of soil and rainfall, schools in Africa will no longer be reliant on outside support. This will reduce the need for funding to purchase school resources, and the support required for feeding programs. In addition, it will reduce the pressure on the planet as water will be recycled and the clean water can rather be used for drinking and sanitation.

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