SDG 4: Help All Children Access Education in Nepal

Renewable Energy is on the rise in Nepal, however, for communities living in poverty or with a lower income than most, it isn’t an easy thing to implement. We see the benefits of renewable energy as it allows communities to become sustainable as they go off-the-grid as well as allowing for a more affordable and clean way of living for people and the environment. This project aims to equip households in Nepal with clean water and solar energy so that they can become independent and develop their communities.

This Nepal project is using solar energy to help improve the resilience of remote rural communities, with a focus on improving health, flood safety, and the livelihoods of 2,750 vulnerable people in two isolated communities in Surkhet District. Renewable energy is a way for communities to go off the grid while becoming more independent and affordable at the same time. This isn’t easy, as not all communities have the funding and knowledge to implement renewable energy, which is where we step in…

The need for improved resilience towards disasters became clear after areas in Nepal were devastated by floods in 2014. Many people are still without homes, electricity and running water, which directly affects most aspects of their lives, especially healthcare. Without funding and resources, these communities have been unable to rebuild their homes and develop their communities, however, if they had access to reusable energy and sustainable water supplies their loves would be very different today.

Working with our partner, we are hoping to change this situation for more than 2,750 people in two communities in Surkhet. Solar Energy for Community Resilience in Nepal is a highly innovative project that uses solar energy to build community resilience – strengthening health and small enterprise development – and reducing communities’ vulnerability to climate change impacts as well as providing them with the opportunity to become independent and develop sustainably.

In the long run, we hope to provide communities with sustainable water supplies and reusable energy sources so that they can have electricity and water all year round without relying on the larger cities and communities. This will allow communities to grow and develop whilst having a minimal impact on the environment and their surroundings. This will benefit healthcare, education and empower community members through job creation and providing skills they wouldn’t have otherwise had access to.

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