Save the Amazon: Protect Jaguars and Wildlife

The jaguar’s range has dramatically shrunk, especially since the Americas were colonized. The Pantanal in South America is one of the last remaining habitats for jaguars. It is dispersed in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil. Although it is estimated that 2,000 jaguars reside there, the Pantanal has had a trying two years. A prolonged drought was followed by terrible wildfires. With the help of citizen scientists, the Jaguar Identification Project will begin by compiling a comprehensive database on each individual jaguar in the northern Pantanal region. This will shed light on how many jaguars are still alive in the area.

The jaguar’s range is significantly reduced, especially after colonisation of the Americas. One of the last remaining strongholds of the jaguar is the Pantanal in South America. It is spread across the countries of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. It is home to an estimated 2,000 jaguars.However, the last two years have been harsh on the Pantanal. A long-standing drought was followed by devastating wildfires which killed

This micro project aims to launch a research project, The Jaguar Identification Project that uses citizen-science to build a cohesive database on individual jaguars in the northern Pantanal region. This will provide insight into the number of surviving jaguar in the region.

Using facial, left and right photographs, mainly provide by tourist, we are able to identify individual jaguars which has led us to build the Jaguar Guide. This guide has provided us with an amazing amount of information on individual behavior, lineages and relationships, and home ranges and movement. Our technique is a unique and completely un-invasive to the cats.

Through research and education we can help promote these amazing animals to the locals and help them take ownership in ensuring they are protected. This will not only impact our environment but will also create local income through regular tourism to visit these animals.

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