Build Resilient Communities With Solar in Nepal

Off-the-grid Healthcare is a revolutionary idea and great solution to tackle informal healthcare in communities that are too far from electricity sources or in general just want to be off-the-grid. This sustainable way of tackling healthcare is no cheap task which is why we are working with communities in Nepal to make sure that their solutions work properly and they can effectively sustain and keep their community healthy. Renewable and solar energy is becoming increasingly popular which is why it is our goal to get these more rural and informal communities up-to-speed with the rest of the country whilst making it more affordable and effective.

Our environment is in crisis, it is a problem for all of us. In Nepal, every year around 8,500 women and children die from the effects of polluting cooking stoves. We will be working with off-grid communities in Surkhet District of Nepal to improve the healthcare provided through introducing renewable energy. Getting communities off the grid will allow them to be sustainable and independent, whilst making sure it is affordable for all. We aim to improve the health of over 4,728 community members by the end of 2021.

Traditional stoves of the kind used by Gita, release hazardous pollutants such as carbon monoxide, particulate matter and nitrous oxide. The burning of solid fuels, such as wood, charcoal and animal dung, is a significant and deadly contributor to GHG emissions. Not only is this a health issue it is having a lasting and serious impact on our environment. As well as stoves our community use a number of energy sources in local health clinics that also are releasing high emissions into the world.

This project equips locals with solar power and electrical equipment for lighting, fans, nebulisers and refrigeration for medicines and vaccines. It will also build the capacity of local artisans to construct and roll-out the use of improved, energy-efficient cookstoves, across the communities for cleaner cookstoves and supporting those who are least able to purchase them. These types of stoves are more fuel-efficient than traditional cookstoves, can be built and maintained locally, at low cost.

We are at a critical time with a call for emergency action to tackle the climate issues we face as a united world. Our project is sourced and implemented by the local community. Educating community members for the first time on the climate issues as well as improving the lives of over 4,728 people in four extremely poor, off-grid communities in Surkhet District. This project provided training and resources for local community members to ambassador change further across the nation of Nepal.

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