Urgent Appeal: Helping Disadvantaged Communities

Working with the local community to enhance opportunities for individuals through education.

South Africa has one of the world’s worst education systems with problems dating back years. Working with multiple community members and partners this project aims to tackle the inequalities of the education system, unemployment, homelessness, gender equality and enhancing the essential services that will help these communities up-skill and increase their job prospects. This will ave a positive impact on the overall quality of life in these communities.

Townships still face the harsh conditions of inequality and many areas are effected by water pollution due to poor sanitation and substandard housing conditions. These overpopulated communities with poor access to resources also face challenges when it comes to Education. Poor infrastructure, sub-standard teaching quality and high-drop out rates have resulted in South African schools being declared as among the most inept in the world.

Our educational program adopts a one-on-one teaching style with primary school students which helps support the students learning with the aim of improving both their math and reading skills. We use group based learning with preschool students to develop their language, motor and social skills. Our physical education program helps encourage students to participate in exercise, healthy eating and in general encourages a healthy lifestyle.

At the root of education, we hope to improve students level of English but also their confidence and self-esteem. Enabling students to successfully graduate from High School which will cause a ripple effect in the community. Access to quality education helps creates greater job opportunities which in turn has a positive impact on employment rates and general health and living standards. By assisting, we hope to increase young people’s prospects of a brighter future and a sustainable community.

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