Gift of Education

Help our local community in partnership through providing access and support to education and materials.

Although development is increasing, minimum wage is relatively good and literacy is high, majority of the population get left behind. Education is one of the most fundamental and crucial ways to make an impact on a struggling community. We aim to empower the people of Kerala to grow intellectually and physically. Providing school meals, access to sports, assisting with teachers’ salaries and support and upgrades of infrastructure and resources.

Families living in the slums of Kerala are living on less than $1.50 a day and sending their children to school is not a possibility. Little to no education, terrible living conditions and no family or government support, most lack the funds or guidance to create a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

We aim to provide quality education and English tuition to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Providing continued assistance to members of the local slums, assisting them with vocational training, creating better living conditions and ensuring that there is access to health care services. By empowering the members of the Kerala community we hope to alleviate poverty and create a better future.

We aim to increase capacity at vocational training centers so that more people will have access to skills training, assisting them with both their academic and employment pursuits. Ensuring equal opportunities and empowering women, youth and people with disabilities, we aim to give them the tools to strengthen and uplift their community and transform their lives.

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