Scholarships For Up-Skilling Community Members

To allow local people to access training and local projects that will develop their skills to jain local employment and tackle global issues within their local community.

This project aims to provide young people who otherwise wouldn’t have access, opportunities to reach their full potential. It identifies local community members and brings them on to a local partner program or another essential training program for up to 6 months where they receive training, mentorship and work experience. It allows local scholars to experience the work that tackles global issues within their community. This scholarship funds their training, resources and on-going family costs on occasions to allow them to access the project and become a local ambassador of change.

Our projects and partners are an essential part of the community. To become sustainable we need to engage and empower the passion of more local community members to engage in our projects as staff members and ambassadors. Often these community members hav

This scholarship program will provide opportunities for local community members where the GVI Trust currently operate active partnerships and projects. Providing funding for training costs, materials and ongoing living costs to cover family commitments al

The long term impact will vary from scholar to scholar. Some of our past scholars have gone on to achieve higher degrees, lead conservation programs, become head rangers and community leaders as well as many joining our local partners and projects as perm

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