Tackling Issues Around Gender Equality in Africa

Supporting a traditional local fisherman’s town with new skills training for women.

We aim to empower women in the local community by providing support in income generation activities through vocational training, including specific training in tailoring and IT skills to gain better access to employment and facilitate an improved quality of life and a reduction in overall rates of inequality and poverty. We aim for our sessions to provide a safe and secure space for local women to come together and support each other, creating positive change together.

Many of the challenges surrounding the eradication of poverty in Ghana, disproportionately affect women. Many find themselves stuck in a cycle of poverty, & are stuck in circumstances that reproduce the conditions of poverty. This cycle is generally caused by being the primary caregiver & having disproportionate responsibilities when it comes to childcare and looking after the family home – Less time & little opportunity to upskill, plan or save and end up living below the poverty line.

Working with Women in Elmina through local project partners to try & address this imbalance. Providing free access to vocational skills based education & a safe space for women to come together & learn important skill sets in areas such as tailoring & IT, we can interject & upturn this cycle of poverty. Aiming to open up better opportunities & enhancing greater access to skilled employment, whilst creating a positive space for women to come together, learn from each other, & empower themselves.

We aim to empower women with the skills, resources & confidence they need to continue working towards achieving their personal goals. These goals include gaining better access to employment, diversifying their income by having an alternative revenue stream, & joining a network of like-minded women in the community who work together to empower each other. In addition to this, through the gender workshops that we run with the women, we hope to raise awareness of global issues that women face.

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