Innovative Solar Power for Zimbabwe

Working with entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers we are bringing innovative new solar systems to Africa. A system that is secure for townships, power a small business or home and educates the local community. This project aims to tackle the critical energy issues across Africa and engage people into new easy, cheaper renewable energy sources.

In 2018, 800 million people worldwide lack access to electricity. Renewable energy is a fundamental component for sustainable cities as well as self-sufficient projects. We want to provide new and innovative ways for communities to access clean energy for their rural projects across Africa, which suffer from either no power access or extensive load shedding.

Whilst the rest of the world is preparing for a time driven by renewable energy, Rural communities across Africa lack the means to be able to take proactive steps to prepare for climate change. Our project activities and services vary greatly but working with leading scientists and entrepreneurs we are working on a solar system that is light, easy to install and will power a whole business or home in a township.

Donations to this project will help our research and development of new initiatives we are involved with and once ready help us to trial and launch across townships. We aim to help decrease the costs of these systems so they become accessible by communities that struggle financially. We are very close to an exciting solution and now need to fundraise to launch.

By giving our local partners access to renewable energy we are opening doors for children to learn no matter the hour; have electricity to power computers, sewing machines and other material for vocational training; communicate in case of need and pump water into their homes to save time collecting. Renewable energy is a core building block for further development and provides institutions with the opportunity to be self-sustainable.

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