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Our local school in a township in South Africa works to provide support and quality education to children from pre-school level until Grade 4. We believe these are the most critical years of education which is why the focus is on providing educational resources and quality learning opportunities to children who may not have the access otherwise. Our goal is to assist in breaking the cycle of poverty by providing quality education.

Inequality in education is still a large issue in SA, with our adult literacy rate sitting at 13,7%. This is detrimental to the individuals as well as our economy, which is why our partners at Bhongolethu Foundation are targeting the quality and access to education from a young age. This project will provide primary school as well as foundation phase education and educational resources to the children in the nearby community.

Education is the key to living a healthy and prosperous life. Unfortunately, many people around the world still do not have access to education or the education they do receive can often-times be unsuitable. South Africa is no exception, with many children not having access to education, which is why our partners at Bhongolethu Foundation are focusing their efforts into providing young children with access to quality education and learning resources so that they can thrive.

Bhongolethu have classes catering to children in their foundation years of schooling. With the focus on pre-school children and Grades 1-3. These are critical years of schooling for children, therefore, providing them with quality learning materials and undisturbed classes these children will be set-up to improve their quality of life, continue with their studies and ultimately gain employment.

This project will benefit the children at the school, by providing them with access to quality education that will provide a solid foundation for the rest of their learning, as well as providing the school with educational material and resources that can enhance their classes. These children will then be able to continue their studies not having missed out on any important learning in their first few years of school, reducing the chances of them struggling in higher education.

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