Fund a Youth Scholarship for a Future Leader

We know we are responsible and the only people that can tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our project provides unique support, mentoring and scholarships to aspiring individuals in some on the most challenging communities around the world. We identify the few unique people that have the drive, passion and network to influence change but are often stuck in the cycle of poverty to fund their own education or training. We aim to build a strong network of ambassadors around the world to lead the change we all need and seek

Our work as a charity is based on the United Nation SDGs and we know that young passionate individuals are our key to achieving them by 2030. This project is focused on opening doors and giving aspiring global ambassadors the opportunity to learn, develop and share their passion with others Internationally. Youths from all around the world are encouraged to connect with us so we can select the most aspiring young people and provide them with access to international experiences.

A number of potential youth have the passion and drive to become ambassadors for tackling global issues in the future, however, these individuals often face financial restraints to personally develop themselves and become the voice for change. No person should miss out on education and opportunities to effect change in their communities, which is why donations to this fund will allow any passionate and aspiring young person, from any community, to become an ambassador for change.

Our scholarship program works towards tackling SDG 4- Quality Education by selecting the most aspiring individuals aged 15-26 and providing them with a scholarship for international experiences that will help promote their opinion, views and themselves at international conferences or through international experiences. This project sponsors proposals that will directly impact two or more global issues that have been identified by the United Nations through the Sustainable Development Goals.

Everyone that is awarded the scholarship will enter into a re-entry program to ensure their experiences and learning are shared locally. They also need to act as an ambassador and continue to impact their community positively. All participants that are awarded a scholarship are also required to fundraise to offset their carbon footprint. This project has the potential to tackle all 17 SDGs which is why a gift to this fund is impactful and special.

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