The Global Innovation and Education Fund

A gift that will change the world. Our aim for this fund is to break down the barriers of funding for inspirational and potential future influencers of struggling communities. Running projects around the world we are able to identify aspiring young individuals that with support and training could become ambassadors for change within their community. Therefore we aim to fund training programs, internships and seminars that are being held nationally to help grow these ambassadors to lead future change.

Education is one of the fundamental factors of production, it raises peoples productivity, creativity and promotes entrepreneurship. These are all key factors to breaking the poverty cycle and developing communities which is why we have put so much focus onto mentoring, training and providing opportunities to young, passionate and aspiring individuals who wouldn’t otherwise have access to these resources. A gift to this project is something special as we work towards tackling all 17 United Nations SDGs by 2030.

We believe that curious, passionate and dedicated young people are the key to our future. As we work on over 65 projects globally we come across young people that we know would make the most amazing ambassador within their community for actioning change and tackling the UN SDG’s. However, due to Poverty, Education and many other factors, they are never presented with an opportunity to break their current life cycle and educate, learn and develop themselves to fulfil this potential.

The solution to all the global issues is simple, education and empowerment. This project aims to select, recruit and then breakdown the traditional barriers for aspiring young people that would never usually be able to enter training programs, attend conferences or join an apprenticeship within their own Country. By providing course fees, family support, travel bursaries, mentors and access to technology to allow these youths to train and return as ambassadors for tackling the issues locally.

This project is a long term project but with the potential to put a stop to all 17 global issues including inequality, unemployment, hunger, poverty and much more. We are building an army of young people that have taken your gift and broken the traditional cycle of life that faced them within their community. These ambassadors will help promote education and support other projects to tackle the issues within the community and build opportunities for others to learn and educate.

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