Rescue, Rehab and Re-home African Street Dogs

We work to stop cruelty, spread kindness, and lessen animal suffering.
Our goal is to abolish animal cruelty in South Africa and foster compassion. To uphold and respect the protections afforded to animals.

We get hundreds of calls each year from people attacking dogs with acid to others grooming dogs to fight. The situation we face is real and it is expensive but we never leave a god alone. Our team are out rescuing these puppies as well as providing a weekly service in a township where we provide vaccinations and help manage breeding through our neutering program. We fund this project 100% through donations, you are the people saving these puppies!

Too Many Dogs with out a Home! It is not their fault but we still see more and more people breeding dogs and making them homeless when they can’t afford them or they don’t do what they want. It is a full time job rescuing these animals providing emergency care and re-homing them but we can’t do this without the support of our donors and supporters

This project will work to fund emergency management, re-home rescued puppies and work on an outreach program to help sterilisation of all dogs that are on the streets or poorly cared for in a response to help decrease the amount of puppies being born on the streets.

Tackling the number of the dogs on the streets will help eliminate this issue long term

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