Global Teacher Training Initiative

Education can be the biggest driver for us to eliminate all global issues but we see in all developing countries and where global issues are most prominent that education always is the first to lose out. A gift to this project is a simple step forward to eliminating all 17 global issues as we aim to fund sustainable long term teacher training initiatives across all our project locations.

Teaching is the most vital occupation, yet it is the most undervalued and often the most underappreciated of them all. Due to this fact, the quality of education and teaching capabilities are not where they need to be, especially in the more underdeveloped countries, as there often isn’t enough funding to maximise the training/ pay the teachers enough. Our goal is to maximise teacher training across all project locations so that we can enhance education and build economies.

We often say that education is key, yet without our teachers there would be nothing of the sorts. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it this way and governments often don’t put enough resources into training and properly paying their teachers. Due to this, people are often averse to choosing teaching as a profession, and the ones who do choose to do it are most likely under qualified and become unmotivated. This is where we try to step in.

This project aims to provide vital teacher training and skills development across all our project locations to try and increase the quality of education that students receive as well as provide the teachers with vital skills to maximise their impact, teaching potential and hopefully progress in their careers. Our aim is to also recruit aspiring teachers who may not have had the opportunity to continue their studies until that level. This is a big step in the right direction for global education.

By increasing the level of education and training that teachers receive, we can improve the quality of education that their students receive as well as provide them with the skills and knowledge to further their career. Also, by recruiting and training new people to become teachers we can help them earn an income as well as increase the number of teachers available, helping to alleviate the issue of overcrowded classrooms and under-resourced teachers.

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