Global Warming Crisis: Our Global Recycling Drive

Waste management is a global issue with high local impact on the environment and economies worldwide. The UN has a core focus on substantially reducing waste generation through prevention, recycling and reuse to try and minimise the negative environmental impact of communities. Our work is in line with these goals and with your help, we hope to develop communities and minimise waste in locations all over the world.

Improper waste management is a global issue and has negative effects on the environment. Due to a lack of space to store their waste and a lack of education many communities around the world still burn or bury their trash which has a huge negative impact on our planet. This is down to a lack of support or viable effective options for waste management which is what this project aims to change. Taking Action to Change the community ways and creating awareness around it is the only option.

Due to a lack of education and infrastructure to properly dispose of or safely store their trash, many communities around the world are still relying on old practises of burning their trash, which is a large contributor to climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases. Another issue that many areas are facing is the fact that they cannot transport their trash to a suitable area or landfill which in turn pushes people to use the quickest and easiest solution.

This project aims to improve waste management practices in our project locations all over the world. By helping to fund the transportation of waste from hard-to-reach areas to efficient disposal areas as well as implementing recycling stations in communities, to provide people with the opportunity to recycle and reuse some of their waste. Another big part of this project is the education and workshops surrounding waste management, the prevention and proper recycling practises.

By implementing proper waste management practices, we can combat climate change and directly improve communities and livelihoods. Providing the infrastructure to start educating and improving the waste management area by area we will build ambassadors for change to help install projects across all locations. People don’t recycle because they are unaware of the issues and this project aims to tackle this and get all communities recycling together as part of the United Nations SDGs.

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