Providing Clean Water to Communities in Need

Access to clean water is still a serious issue for rural communities. It is estimated that around 884 million people around the world do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. With this project, we are implementing community rainwater harvesting systems that provide safe clean water to the community with your support.

Water is a vital and scarce resource all over the world, however, rural communities are particularly at risk as they still have no access or limited access to clean drinking water. This project implements and enhances rainwater harvesting and sanitation facilities, capacity and infrastructure, whilst ensuring the best basic hygiene and sanitation practices. Be part of the solution!

Due to the location of these communities, it is often difficult for them to get access to water in their homes, leading to poor personal hygiene, and the water they do get they are unable to filter for drinking as the infrastructure in the areas is inadequate. Due to the lack of clean and safe drinking water people get sick and sanitation practices become low on the locals’ list of priorities.

Rainwater collection is a safe & reliable way to source drinking water. However, without the right collection materials, filtration systems it’s not possible currently for communities to collect and use rainwater. Villagers and communities without additional resources become vulnerable to limited access to water during the dry season. This project aims to fund the installations of rainwater tanks, filtering systems and create awareness for the local community to access more water supplies that are safe to drink.

Since 2011, we have been dramatically increasing the overall water capacity in several villages. The long-term impact will be ensuring safe and reliable drinking water for communities whilst creating awareness so that communities can continue to have access for years to come. This project also makes it possible for people to have good basic hygiene practices and reduce illness. As we are harvesting rainwater this project is 100% sustainable and using natural resources.

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