Providing Safe and Clean Water in Peru

Peru is a country many tourists love to visit but life for the locals is a struggle due to a number of issues. This project aims to tackle the critical issue of water. It is estimated that over 2.5 million people in Peru still do not have access to clean water and over 5 million lack sanitation. We see water as a basic human right and this project aims to provide access to clean water for those communities that are still without.

With the increase in tourism and demand for water supply for local farming, there is an urgent need for water management and conservation efforts around many popular locations in Peru. The surge of the pandemic also means an increase in demand for clean water for sanitation and hygiene, this is unfortunately not possible due to their infrastructure. A gift to our project will help us to focus on water conservation to improve the lifestyles of the whole community and provide sustainable access to clean water

2.5 million people lack access to clean water in Peru and there is a huge amount of pressure put on the already weak water supply due to the high demand for use in agriculture and by the tourism industry, which is vital to the economy of the area. An increase in demand for safe water for hygiene and sanitation practises has been seen since the pandemic and it is more important than ever that these individuals have access to a sustainable water source

This project aims to provide the locals in Peru with access to clean water for drinking and sanitation, as well as conserve the basins that are responsible for their water supply. By implementing infiltration ditches, protecting the springs, supporting terrace recovery and initiating reforestation efforts we hope to make their water supply sustainable and safe for locals as well as the tourists who visit the area.

In the long run, this project hopes to generate environmental awareness about the scarcity of Peru’s natural resources, promote green infrastructure, mindfully conserve water, especially during these very stressful and uncertain times. The pandemic has proven that we have to use our resources sustainably, as they are never guaranteed, therefore, we hope to encourage the use of the resources in a way that allows for future generations to prosper

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