Feed a Hungry Child in Brazil Today

13 million people in Brazil are living in extreme poverty, this has a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals due to the lack of income and/or access to food. Many are starving and the children are not excluded, with this drastically affecting their concentration level as they are undernourished and meals are few and far between. We aim to assist local schools in providing nutritious daily meals to the children as well as engaging community members to get involved through employment opportunities.

Hunger is the biggest issue and one we must solve first before trying to break the cycle and provide education to children, a difficult task as 13 million people in Brazil are living in extreme poverty. Working with children as young as 2 who may otherwise be on the streets our project provides a safe place for the children to come and learn but before we teach them it is important to provide them with a daily nutritious meal to ensure their brain is equipped, fuelled and ready to learn.

Many rural families migrate towards urban areas in Brazil which means schools quickly become overcrowded. As many children spend their days on the streets leading to lives of crime we will focus on providing young children with access to education, providing more opportunity for the future. As a result of financial hardship and a lack of dietary education in the favela, many children show signs of malnutrition; weight loss, poor growth, increased susceptibility to illness and poor concentration.

Working with local community leaders we will fund more access to education ensuring the children have a chance to learn. With this project, we aim to improve nutrition by providing students with 3 balanced meals per day. We also provide weekend and holiday food and fruit packages whenever possible to help ensure that children are well fed when not at school. The project employs a local cook to prepare school meals.

A suitable and sustainable educational facility will help these children develop and open the doors to more employment opportunities. Job creation will benefit the local community and encourage all to get involved. We have begun to see the benefits of this work to improve nutrition with concentration levels improving greatly and the frequency of sickness amongst the kids reducing – please help us keep this up!

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