Protecting the African Elephants from Extinction

Elephants are known as tourism magnets but they are also essential and a key species in maintaining biodiversity in our ecosystem. Our project works to bring education, awareness and protection to these animals across Africa. Help us Protect and Preserve these Elephants

This project aims to provide protection and rehabilitation to elephants in Africa. Our African elephants are in a critical situation and with people becoming increasingly desperate due to job loss, the interest in poaching has increased tenfold, putting them at risk for the ivory trade. Climate change is also no help for these elephants as their habitats become unfavourable. Awareness and monitoring are the key steps we are taking to combat these issues.

In 10 years more than 50% of our African elephant population will be gone… Due to a number of reasons theses animals are becoming increasingly threatened and we need your help to protect them. Climate change, unsustainable tourism and increased human activity are all major contributors to the reason why our African elephants are endangered. Without protection from tourism trade and no safe space to live out their days we cannot efficiently help them

This project aims to create awareness through outreach programs as well as engaging the surrounding community to become active members in protecting their local elephants. We hope by doing this as well as promoting sustainable tourism we can have an effect on peoples way of thinking and spread awareness around the poaching issue. We also provide protection, monitoring and rehabilitation to those that have been injured to ensure these animals have the best chance of survival in the wild.

By creating awareness we hope to make this project sustainable through the participation of the community as well as the education around responsible tourism, this will ensure the elephants will continue to protect for years to come. Monitoring and researching the population that is still in the wild we can track changes and trends also making us more efficient in their conservation

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