Bring the Ocean Alive for Children in South Africa

Imagine living 5Km from a beach and never stepped onto the sand. For many people, this is a reality and even more, they have no idea anything lives in the ocean let along how their living style can impact and even kill marine life. Our team goes into townships to promote the Ocean and help build awareness of plastic, rubbish and how daily life activities can affect the Ocean. Education and Awareness is key to Save our Ocean

This project aim is to introduce and develop young marine conservations from under-resourced townships. Often young people living close to the ocean but under their national poverty line have never even seen the ocean. Our project aims to engage 80,000 young people a year in ocean conservation and work to create youth ambassadors to help save our ocean by engaging their wider communication. The youth voice is strong, let’s help educate it to save our beautiful blue ocean.

Oceans in Motion is the local flagship outreach programme run in Cape Town. Oceans in Motion aims to capture the hearts and minds the children of under-resourced schools around Cape Town who can’t afford to visit local marine education centres such as the Aquarium. The organisation’s people-centred approach to changing human behaviour as a means of combatting the effects of climate change reached 53,329 children in 2018.

A fully run outreach program in partnership with the local Aquarium. We aim to fund an Ocean Bus that will be equipped with professional expert staff and resources and will visit township and under-resourced local schools. With our fully equipped mobile aquarium facility, we offer children an unforgettable experience with live marine animals. We will also fund aspiring underprivileged students to go onto join a marine internship or training course to create youth conservationists

This project is the start of introducing the awareness of marine conservation. We aim to inspire the youths to take action and even look to follow a career in conservation. Workshops, an additional trip into the Aquarium and other marine educational centres will be funded and access to internships will be made available to students who have shown a passion for the work. Creating awareness and providing education allows us to produce ambassadors for change

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